New Believers

Luke 4:1-13Disciples use Scripture to overcome temptation
Luke 5:1-10Disciples leave everything to follow Jesus
John 4:28-30Disciples introduce others to Jesus
Acts 17: 16-34Disciples are wise and sincere when they relate with unbelievers
Acts 4:23-31Believers will be persecuted just as Jesus was persecuted
Acts 21:1-14Disciples shouldn’t be afraid to die as Jesus did
Acts 18:1-11God helps disciples endure persecution
Luke 15:11-32Disciples reconcile broken relationships
Mark 7:14-23Evil begins in the heart and eventually leads to action
Matthew 19:1-12Marriage is a lifetime commitment
Acts 5:1-11Disciples keep their word
1 Samuel 24Disciples do not retaliate when people hurt them
Matthew 5:43-48Disciples love their enemies
Luke 18:9-14Disciples humble themselves before God
Luke 15:11-24Disciples look to God as their Father
Matthew 26:39-42Disciples must surrender their will to God’s will
Matthew 18:21-35Disciples forgive others as the Lord forgives them