Leading others to believe

Matthew 4:18-25Jesus calls people to follow Him
(Leaders call people to follow Christ)
Matthew 5:1-16, Mt. 6:33-34Jesus teaches attitudes that God blesses
Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18Jesus teaches disciples to live, pray, & fast in a way that pleases God
Matthew 6:19-34Jesus teaches disciples to serve God only
Matthew 7:1-6, 18:15-20Jesus teaches his disciples how to judge righteously
Matthew 7:7-12Jesus teaches his disciples to seek God
Matthew 7:21-29Jesus teaches disciples to obey God
Matthew 9:9-13Jesus teaches disciples to care for outcasts & sinners
Matthew 9:35-38Jesus teaches, preaches the news of the Kingdom, heals the sick
Matthew 10:1-16Jesus sends out the disciples to preach about the Kingdom of Heaven
Matthew 10:16-31, 5:43-48Jesus warned disciples of coming persecution
Matthew 11:25-30Jesus teaches disciples that rest comes from working with Him
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23Jesus teaches the disciples about the different responses to the kingdom
Matthew 15:29-39Jesus meets the needs of people because of His compassion
Matthew 16:13-28Jesus teaches his disciples that the cost of following Him is very high
Matthew 17:1-13The Father commands disciples to listen to His Son
Matthew 17:14-21Jesus teaches about Faith
Matthew 18:15-35Jesus teaches disciples how to deal with sin
Matthew 19:3-9Jesus teaches disciples to honor God’s design for marriage.
Matthew 20:20-28Jesus teaches his disciples to be servants
Matthew 25:14-30Jesus teaches disciples to faithfully invest what God gives them
Matthew 25:31-46Jesus teaches disciples to serve those in need
Matthew 28:16-20Jesus teaches disciples to go and teach others to obey all His commands